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Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry, Volume 19

I am pleased to present to you Volume 19 of the Inquiry Undergraduate Research JournalInquiry provides a forum for sharing the research and creative endeavors of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors at the University of Arkansas. The Inquiry Journal was developed by the Teaching Academy of the University of Arkansas and is supported financially and conceptually by the offices of the Provost and the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development. The Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal website, online publications, and journal archives are expertly managed by the David W. Mullins Library staff.

Volume 19 of the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal features the unique contributions of undergraduate student authors and their faculty mentors. The research and creative endeavors that are published in the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal span diverse fields at the University of Arkansas, including Biological Sciences; Landscape Architecture; Economics; Mechanical Engineering; and English. Turning to the research studies in this issue, Jessica Darby, Economics, explores the ways in which rice future prices respond to news releases by the USDA. Bailey Deloney, Journalism, conducted a content analysis to examine whether television commercials on Nickelodeon that target children favor traditional gender stereotypes. Sarah Plavcan, English, examines Milton’s poem, Paradise Lost, to keenly investigate the conflict between predestination and free will. Griffin Sonaty, Biological Sciences, examines the use of loop-mediated isothermal amplification (LAMP) to detect single genes from bacteria in blood serum samples to aid in sepsis diagnosis. Scarlett-Marie Acklin, Biological Sciences, examines THz imaging and spectroscopy as an innovative method for detecting breast cancer tissues of patients with tumors 2mm or larger. Clint Paul, Mechanical Engineering, use SMD simulations to study the mechanisms associated with heterotrimeric collagen, when interacting with HAP under shear and peeling loading conditions; findings could have potential applications in engineering and medicine.

We plan to publish Volume 20 of the Inquiry Journal in March 2016. I encourage undergraduate students and faculty mentors to consider submitting their manuscript to the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal by May 16, 2016 for consideration.