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Inquiry: The University of Arkansas Undergraduate Research Journal

Inquiry, Volume 18

Welcome to Volume 18 of the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal.  The Inquiry Journal was developed by the Teaching Academy of the University of Arkansas and is supported financially and conceptually by the offices of the Provost and the Vice Provost for Research and Economic Development. The Inquiry Journal website, online publications, and journal archives are managed by the University Libraries. Inquiry provides a forum for sharing the research and creative endeavors of undergraduate students and their faculty mentors at the University of Arkansas.

Volume 18 of the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal features the unique contributions of four undergraduate student authors and their faculty mentors. Their research and creative endeavors span diverse fields at the University of Arkansas, including Psychological Science, Biological Engineering, Chemical Engineering, and Landscape Architecture. Eric Carter and his faculty mentor, Dr. Ana J. Bridges, explored how position preference among men who have sex with men related to gender roles, internalized homophobia, and mental health. Turning to Landscape Architecture, Hannah Hefner and faculty mentor, Phoebe M. Lickwar, define a new approach to the transformation of unmaintained land within cities, or urban shadow space.  Finally, Casey Gibson, of the Department of Biological Engineering, and Karla G. Morrissey, of the Department of Chemical Engineering, together with their faculty mentor, Dr. Roy McCann, investigated the behavior of vanadium redox flow batteries (VRFBs), which are batteries capable of easily switching between charging and discharging modes, making them a suitable option for storing intermittent sources of alternative energies. Please join me in congratulating our authors; I hope that you enjoy this edition of the journal as much as we have.

I would also like to extend a special thank you to the many faculty members who volunteered their time and expertise to provide comprehensive reviews of student manuscripts. While we are unable to publish all of the submitted manuscripts, we want to thank the students and faculty mentors for their diligent efforts.

We plan to publish Volume 19 of the Inquiry journal in September 2015. Undergraduate students and faculty mentors who are interested in publishing a manuscript from their research projects are encouraged to submit their papers to the Inquiry Undergraduate Research Journal ( for consideration. The submission deadline is May 16, 2015.